Is the Pet Vibes biofeedback system limited to cats and dogs?
No. Any animal may be helped. (see; scroll to Pet Vibes)

Is the animal harmed in any way?
No, the animal is unaware of the biofeedback. In fact, many animals become relaxed and settle in comfortably throughout the session.

Does Pet Vibes Biofeedback replace a Veterinarian?
Absolutely not. Regular visits, check ups, and vaccinations are still recommended. In fact, a Pet Vibes assessment may help a veterinarian arrive at an important treatment much faster and more accurately.

How do I know Pet Vibes works?
Animals can't tell us, due to the language barrier, but they do show us. So observation of the animal is most likely the best way. An animal that returns to its usual behavior and no longer expresses symptoms such as scratching, or dullness, has responded favorably to Pet Vibes Biofeedback.

Another way is through a follow-up Biofeedback assessment.

What are nutritional supplements and what ones do you use?
Just as humans take a vitamin supplement or a mineral supplement, animals too may need a supplement to boost the immune system. The supplements we recommend are by Standard Process. They include things like: Whole Canine Support, Whole Feline Support.

Where can I find more information about the Pet Vibes Biofeedback System?
The foundation for the Pet Vibes Biofeedback System may be found at Scroll down in the left panel to Pet Vibes. Here is one place where biofeedback may be done when a veterinarian or vet technician has a predetermined diagnosis.

To assess an animal's current condition the veterinarian or a BIofeedback Technician will want to use 1) the Allergy Profile Test Panel and/or 2) the Reactivity Test Panel.