The mission of the Pet Vibes Biofeedback System is to reduce stressors caused by allergies, emotions, viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi, etc.

The new Biofeedback System assesses up to 6000 current energies and frequencies in an animal's body in less than 5 minutes. A special mat on which the animal sits permits the many energetic fields to be evaluated by the software. The results are displayed graphically for the Biofeedback Technician by degree of importance. This we call the BODY BIOFEEDBACK ASSESSMENT. The energetic items expressing the greatest stress can, through biofeedback be adjusted and balanced, boosting the animal's immune system to stronger, healthier levels. Dr. Straile, DC, refers to this process as epigenetic modulation.

To further support and strengthen the animal's immune system, nutritional and/or isopathic supplements may be recommended.