Our Mission: Wellness belongs to all living things. Companion animals living under the stewardship of human guardians have the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from the health maintenance program of Pet Vibes. The primary focus of the Pet Vibes Biofeedback system is to reduce stress caused by allergies and emotions. The result is healthier, happier animal companions.

Pet VIbes Appointments Accepted
Home visits available

Tuesday and Friday 1:30-4:00 pm
Alternate Saturdays by appointment

Pet Vibes Biofeedback gently reduces and adjusts stressors in the animal's energy fields and boosts the immune system to healthier levels.

The program provides nutritional/isopathic supplements for home use to further support the animal's immune system.

Initial Biofeedback Assessment and One Biofeedback: $45
Follow-up Biofeedback Package (4): $120
Deluxe Biofeedback Package (10): $250
Nutritional/Isopathic Supplements are additional